What is the Origin of Conflict?

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Interestingly, I was reading a secular article the other day regarding conflict; and it held to a very misguided notion of the source of conflict.  Part of the article read:  “Identifying the true source of conflict can be a challenge, especially if you are within the conflict itself.  Ideally, an objective third party can identify the true source, as he will not be emotionally involved.  To completely end a conflict, the true source will need to be identified and neutralized.”

Let me see if I can get this straight:  the source of conflict can remain unknown until the challenge of uncovering its source is revealed AND the best way to resolve conflict is through a human being who is emotionally detached from the situation who can evaluate the conflict objectively—really?

The article was somewhat correct, however, in stating that to end a conflict, the true source needs to be identified—the Bible has the answer to that.  As far as conflict being neutralized, let’s just say that everyday conflicts people have with one another can be resolved temporarily, but since conflict is a byproduct of human nature, and since human nature is inherently wicked, conflict will never be completely ‘neutralized’; because as long as there is sin in this world, there will be plenty of conflict to go around.

I realize I’m addressing the issue from more of a global perspective, but as ministries like Heartfelt Christian Counseling would testify, conflict has only one source, regardless of whether it’s an on-going angst between two family members who still argue over who received more from their deceased parents’ estate or whether it involves Christians being mercilessly persecuted in the Middle East.

The Initial Conflict:

To accurately address the source of conflict one needs to evaluate conflict from God’s Word and not from man’s very limited, skewed perspective.  As far as Christian theologians are aware, the first conflict occurred in Heaven between Lucifer and God, Himself.  Lucifer became exceeding proud due to his unsurpassed beauty, power and rank among the angels.  Lucifer, now known as Satan, was the first instigator of conflict and he made sure he took a third of the Heavenly angels with him at some point during, or after, his subsequent fall from God’s Grace.   Once in the Garden of Eden, man then became embroiled in Satan’s plan for continuous conflict and confusion.  Conflict and confusion–that was Satan’s plan then; and it continues to be his plan, to this very day.

Conflict Is Spiritual Warfare:

If one believes the Bible to be 100% true, one will believe that conflict is a character trait of Satan. Conflict is not only a revelation of Satan’s character, conflict is Satan’s goal as well—to inflict as much  worldly discord and turmoil as possible in hopes of separating as many souls, as possible, from God.

Satan can start small—instigating seemingly minor conflicts such as tension between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law that festers for years and morphs into hatred, bickering, manipulation, control, revenge and gossiping among one another.  This is the kind of battle plan Satan uses to destroy families as well as every other type of human relationship that exists.  But then, that is conflict’s ultimate mission:  destroy everything created by God since God is the one Satan has such unbridled contempt for.   Evil is never satisfied; it is never fully gratified since evil knows it can never have every single human soul under its control.  It must be continuously fed through turmoil, bitterness, hatred and un-forgiveness.  The Bible likens Satan and his quest for continuous conflict and destroying of souls to that of a prowling, roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 

The fall of man in the Garden of Eden qualifies as the saddest event in human history since, through it, all problems that have separated man from God have involved conflict of some kind—all immorality,  all disillusionment, all trouble, all remorse, all regret, all deception, all manipulation, all pain, all vengeance and all hate and all jealousy—it’s all conflict!  Everything that fails to be as perfect as God is derived from conflict which had its genesis, for mankind, in the Garden. 

Conflict Originated As A Weapon:

Satan has one objective in mind; he wants to solicit evil; and his biggest tool to inflict as much mayhem as possible is the weapon of conflict.  Satan and his army have a whole host of weapons at their disposal such as weapons of fear, doubt, ignorance, suffering, pride and unbelief to name only a handful; and notice how all of these satanic devices center around one theme:  conflict—it covers  all the satanic bases.  If we could hear Satan speak, it just might sound something like this:   “If I can create conflict, I can create eventual mayhem.  If I create eventual mayhem, I can get humanity so entwined in their own narcissistic endeavors for control and self-indulgence, they’ll forget who their Creator is and they’ll be mine!”—That is Satan’s conflict agenda; and it’s an effective one!

Satan successfully used conflict with Adam and Eve; and he wasted no time with continuing to spread pandemonium throughout the world after that and he continues to use conflict against those of us living in the 21st Century.  Regardless of who we are, what we do, where we live or what we believe to be true in this world—Christian or non-Christian, it doesn’t matter.

And the point is, whether it’s Eve or you or me—as soon as one does not completely and unreservedly trust in the wisdom and goodness of God, one is in big trouble—one will be in conflict of some sort!  Satan planted the idea in the minds of Adam and Eve that God was cruel, uncaring and oppressive.  When they both believed the lie, they were, indeed, in big trouble and were banished from Eden and thus, began the curse upon humanity–a curse involving endless conflict that will continue until Christ’s 2nd Coming.  Conflict, with all its deception, lies and treachery became a way of life for every single person ever born.  It continues to be inescapable. 

Fortunately, God has a plan to vanquish Satan and conflict, once and for all!


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Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

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Submit Guest Blog To My SiteI just found a great solution to allow people to guest post to my blog that’s called Ultimate Guest Blogger.  There are many reasons this works as a perfect guest posting solution for my blog. I will articulate the main points about this guest blogging solution below.

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Guest Posting:  Ease of Publication

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Early Rehabilitation for Hearing Loss has Better Outcome

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Hearing lossHearing is a particularly important human sense. It makes effective communication possible in work, home and recreational settings. Therefore, the loss of hearing can greatly affect how a person lives, works and plays.

As many as 17 percent of American adults will experience some level of hearing loss at some point in their lives, making it one of the most prevalent chronic health ailments. Hearing deficiencies can be present at birth, but among adults, hearing loss often occurs over a long period of time. Since the condition is progressive, many of those affected may believe that their hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process, or initially may not even notice it at all. As a result, only about one in five individuals who might benefit from early treatment actually seek help. However, early treatment of hearing loss is important for several reasons.

Even a partial loss of hearing can have serious consequences on the ability of sufferers to socialize with others. Those who have difficulty hearing can miss important telephone calls or information given out in business meetings. The condition can lead to mistakes that can affect personal and professional relationships. It can even lead to social isolation if others begin to subconsciously ignore individuals they mistakenly believe are not listening to them or are not interested in what they are saying. Family members are often the first to detect hearing difficulties in a loved one – often even before the impacted individuals is aware himself – and they may be the first to suggest some type of treatment.

The human auditory system is no different than any other part of the body in its need for exercise. Eventually, those with untreated hearing deficiencies will begin to lose their ability to process voices and other sounds. They may even be at an increased vulnerability to other serious health problems; for example, one study indicated that men and women with hearing problems may be significantly more likely to develop dementia.

The first step in dealing with a loss of hearing is recognizing and accepting the problem. Those who are not willing to accept and deal with their condition may have to pay a heavy price later for treatment that is more involved, more costly and less likely to succeed. Those who delay treatment may come to the realization that their hearing problem should have been dealt with much earlier.

A complete hearing test by a trained professional as soon as possible after the individual notices hearing loss will help in determining the best course of action. The simplest way to deal with a hearing impairment is often with an assistive listening device, better known as a hearing aid. Many younger individuals may have reservations about wearing hearing aids. However, such devices today are small and hardly noticeable. As many as 10 percent of those who suffer from a loss of hearing may not benefit from an assistive listening device and will need surgically-implanted devices or other surgical procedures.

There are many possible reasons for deterioration in hearing, ranging from damage to the inner ear to something as simple as excessive wax in the ear canal. Early treatment is needed to find both the cause of the issue and the cure or treatment for those who have experienced a loss of hearing. Beyond the resulting physical improvement, early treatment can often also improve the patient’s personal and family relationships, their emotional health and even their earning ability.


Author Bio:

Rebecca Chang contributed this guest post for NHC.com.au – Rebecca is a freelance writer and a professional audiologists. Her articles appear on various online health publications.


Funny Picture I Just Got In Email…

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One of my girl friends has been challenged of late getting attention from her boyfriend.  She found this photo, which I thought was hilarious, so I am posting it for you all to see!

Is Your Boyfriend Paying Attention To You?

The Teachers Strike in Chicago Has Ended!

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I have been following the teacher’s strike in Chicago pretty closely because I want our students to get a great educations, but I also want our teachers to be fairly compensated.

I don’t, believe that teachers should get tenure, which effectively removes future performance from the equation and does not help the students in any way.

So, I am rooting for teachers and students and I am glad this issue got resolved.

Here is some more information that I collected.

Chicago Teachers Strike Settled!

More progress reported in Chicago teacher strike talks
More than 350,000 public school students spent a fifth day out of class Friday as bargaining to end the city’s teachers strike dragged on ahead of a meeting of union delegates whose approval is required to seal any deal. (read more)

Progress in Chicago strike
Updated at 3:31 p.m.. ET: CHICAGO — Classes for the nation’s third-largest school district were canceled for Friday as the Chicago teachers set out to strike for a fifth day, according to NBCChicago.com. (read more)

What research really says on teacher evaluation
The Chicago teachers strike has put the issue of teacher evaluation front and center in the education debate. The popular “value added” method of using student standardized test scores to figure out how effective a teacher is highly controversial; I wrote about it here . Here is a new important look by an education expert, Richard Rothstein. Read full article >> (read more)

Chicago Teachers Union to vote Sunday on whether to end strike
Chicago Teachers Union delegates are expected to vote Sunday on whether to end Chicago’s first teacher strike in 25 years, but first, they want to see any deal in writing. CTU officials were so concerned that district officials might backslide on or misinterpret any last-minute agreements reached Friday morning that they did not even lay out the tentative deal at the union’s House of Delegates … (read more)

No deal in Chicago as strike talks drag on
CHICAGO (Reuters) – Chicago students marked a week off classes on Friday as hopes of an imminent end to a teachers’ strike proved optimistic and tedious negotiations over education reforms sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel dragged on. Led by a fiery former high school chemistry teacher, Karen Lewis, 29,000 public school teachers and support staff walked out on Sunday in the first Chicago Teachers … (read more)

End In Sight for Chicago Teacher’s Strike
Chicago kids’ week-long break from school appears to be coming to an end. The Associated Press reports that president of the Chicago School Board David Vitale says that the teacher’s union have fleshed out a “framework” to resolve the teacher’s strike by Monday.The AP’s Tammy Webber has the details: (read more)


Peyton Manning: No Longer a Colt!

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Peyton No Longer a ColtI can’t believe it.  The Colts have let Peyton Manning go.  I thought he would be there forever but it wasn’t to be.  It’s upward and onward. 

Peyton left in such classy style as he is such a classy guy.

Where will Peyton go next?

I have feeling he will bring the Dolphins back to great form.

What do you guys think?

Journaling Today

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I am writing in my journal today and it is so theraputic.  It really can’t be beat and it is a lot less expensive than going to see a therapist. 

So, give it a shot folks.  I know that you’ll enjoy!